Meet The Team At Stage Motorsports

Tristan Church (Owner, CEO, Sales Consultant and Installer)

     Tristan started Stage Motorsports after being fed up with the "standard" in the import car scene. Wanting to provide better customer service, family atmosphere, and great pricing, Stage Motorsports was started. Tristan has been involved with cars one way or another for his entire life, but got bit by the modding bug when he got his first car (Acura RSX Type S that he still has) in high school. Tristan has a vast knowledge of parts, installs, and customization. Tristan handles day to day operations as well as customer service and sales. If you have any questions, need to schedule and appointment, or if we can help in any way to make your experience modifying your car better, please don't hesitate to call or shoot an email to


Tommy Miller (Sales Consultant)

Tommy Miller has an extensive knowledge on wheel specs and fitment. Tommy's 8th gen civic has gone through many stages over the years, and is now one of the most aggressive ones out there. Fitted with a Kevmannz wide body kit, and Work Meisters that have dishes bigger than anything you would find in your mothers kitchen, Tommy knows how to get perfect fitment every time. He is very knowledgable with suspension set ups, whether it be coilovers, springs, or air ride. Tommy is also very knowledgable when it comes to authentic wheels. Having owned over 10 sets of real wheels on this one car alone, he has spent hundreds of hours learning the ins and outs of the wheel industry


Darren Paul (Sales Consultant)

 Darren comes to us from Wyoming and has expert knowledge in body work and k swaps. His civic has undergone major surgery when he decided he wanted to shave and tuck everything and build a beautiful k series to swap in. Having done all the work himself, he is very knowledgable on what it takes to shave a bay, paint it, what swap parts are necessary, what fits and what doesn't, and more. He can handle any question or parts you throw at him. He has a general knowledge on all parts and can assist with any questions.